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Rights of Way

Rights of Way

The Rights of Way Group were formed as a result of the Hawkesbury Vision Project Parish Plan in 2007.
One of the aims of the Parish Plan was to raise awareness of the rights of way in the parish and to encourage people to use them and enjoy the wonderful environment in which we live.

The group arrange guided walks 4 times a year, focussing on rights of way in Hawkesbury Parish, which has more footpaths than anywhere else in South Gloucestershire. The group also produce walk leaflets for distribution in the local shops and Post Office and are available on the website. The aim is to provide these leaflets free of charge and the group do a small amount of fundraising to support this as well as receiving printing support from Severn View Farm.

The group would be very pleased to welcome new walkers and indeed anyone who would be interested in joining the group to help with walk planning.

We would be very happy to send walk details directly to your email address so if you would like to contact Jane Jones on 01454 238633 or email rightsofwaygroup@hawkesburyupton.com we can let you know as the details are finalised.

NOTE: The Village Hall Car Park can be used if the Hall is not in use (donations greatfully accepted via box onsite) so please check the Calendar on the Hall site to confirm OK.

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